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Know your property better.
Swindon provides national professional valuation assistance in South Africa, offering comprehensive reporting and consulting services within the residential, commercial, retail, industrial and agricultural industries. By harnessing our extensive understanding and knowledge of your property, we're able to provide you with the right information to make informed decisions.
Our broad range of services are aligned to national industry standards and support our clients in maximising profit through precise, intelligent and empowering data. Our accredited team of registered professionals supports our clients on a national basis with broad-based insight into the valuation industry.
Our expert valuers understand the needs of our clients and deliver valuations that match your exact requirements. We aim to deliver outstanding value and efficiency to our clients by applying our experience in the commercial sector obtained through our commitment to quality service. We have an all-inclusive service offering that remains motivated by client satisfaction and delivers accurate information through our detailed approach.

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Municipal Valuations
With attention to detail and extensive experience within the municipal property valuation industry, our expert valuers understand the requirements and needs of conducting valuations within a municipal landscape. Through the compilation of general and supplementary valuations for local and metropolitan municipalities, the team is equipped with experience that will benefit all stakeholders.
Swindon's mass-municipal valuation experience provides the relevant expertise to conduct quality valuations your municipality requires and has led us to become a trusted service partner to several of South Africa's largest clients and municipalities.
Governmental and municipal-related services
  • Compilation and implementation of general valuation rolls
  • Compilation and implementation of supplementary valuation rolls
  • Market rental determination
  • Market valuations for selling, purchasing and expropriation purposes
  • Insurance-related replacement cost valuation reporting
  • Objection and appeal process management
Residential Valuations
Swindon's residential property valuation tactic has been developed through years of experience on multiple projects and combines understanding with trustworthy data trends and research to empower our clients with actionable insight.
Our residential valuation services delivers value to our clients through valuations of individual homes, residential investment properties or properties that form part of a financial, legal or governmental portfolio.
  • Market valuations for acquisition and disposal (pre-sale/pre-purchase assessments)
  • Market rental determinations
  • Mortgage security valuations
  • Insurance valuations (replacement cost valuations for insurance purposes)
  • Desktop valuations
  • Residential home loan portfolios
  • Municipal rates, reviews and objections
Commercial & Industrial Valuations
Swindon's valuation team comprises valuers who are experienced in every aspect of the commercial property sector.
Our commercial property data insights, trend accumulation prototypes and access to real-time statistics has formed the basis of our commercial valuation methodology and provides our clients with the relevant information to make informed decisions concerning their assets.
Our commercial valuation reports are completed in accordance with rules and guidelines provided by the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP), in accordance with the Valuers Act 2000.
  • Market valuations for acquisition and disposal (pre-sale/pre-purchase assessments)
  • Compilation and implementation of supplementary valuation rolls
  • Market rental determination
  • Mortgage security valuations
  • Asset valuations for balance sheet portfolios
  • Deceased estate valuations
  • Valuation reports and arbitration determinations
  • Insurance valuations
  • Feasibility studies of the highest and best use
  • Lease auditing
  • Listed company valuations
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Municipal rates reviews and objections
Agricultural Valuations
Swindon's valuation team offers expert advice and valuation services related to a comprehensive range of agricultural fields of speciality.
Staying informed of changes in market conditions and the agricultural environment, our expert valuers ensure complete and relevant professional advice for each type of agricultural property valuation we offer.
Services for all classifications of agricultural assets
  • Wine farms, wine cellars and grape farms
  • Fruit and olive farms
  • Dryland cropping farms
  • Packhouses and cold storage facilities
  • Manufacturing and production facilities
  • Game farms and guest lodges
  • Dairy farms and livestock farms
  • Specialised farms and smallholdings
Accrediation & Recognition
Valuers registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP)
Valuers registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)