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Occupier Services
Tenant Representation

Designing property solutions for tenants for business advancement.
Swindon provides a complete set of occupier services intended to drive value and business improvement for our clients. Our expertise is delivered seamlessly to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and enhance the efficiencies of your work space. Most importantly, we will provide you with the right occupancy solution that aligns your property needs with your business strategy, financial goals and operational objectives.
Therefore, we evaluate our clients' businesses to make property an asset that houses operations, attracts and retains top talent, promotes creativity and collaboration, and supports the company mission and brand.
As a tenant, sourcing and securing new premises can be challenging. The same goes for renegotiating and renewing existing agreements with landlords. Swindon's knowledge of market trends and unrivalled experience in transaction negotiation ensures the playing fields between tenant and landlord are levelled.

Our strategic advisory & transaction services across all property types include:
  • Lease advisory including acquisition, disposition and subleasing
  • Lease agreement and management
  • including negotiations, renewal, administration, payments and market rental audits
  • Leasing plans and strategy
  • Tenant retention
  • Facilities and maintenance management
  • Workspace enablement
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Lease Advisory
Our team gains an in-depth understanding of your business and property needs. We analyse current and future space requirements with our design team, identify staff access and transportation requirements, strategic positioning for clients and budget parameters.
We source options to match the brief, helping tenants to make an informed decision. Once the alternatives have been shortlisted, our team uses their skills to negotiate the best possible terms for the tenant.
Lease Agreement and Management
Swindon guarantees that a legally binding agreement is drawn up to safeguard the landlord and tenant by carefully identifying and explaining all applicable expectations and the process of handling rental payments and collections, increases, deposits, maintenance issues and damages claims.
We attend to the following leasing services:
  • The negotiation of new leases
  • Amendments or renewals and arranging for signature thereof by the tenant using a landlord-approved lease document
  • Drafting agreements of lease
  • Terminating and/or negotiating lease terminations and settlement agreements
  • Serving notice of termination in terms of lease agreements
  • Attending to payments on behalf of the tenant in terms of the lease agreement
  • Market rental audits
Facilities and Maintenance Management
Across industries, Swindon is dedicated to providing the safest, most efficient and economical work environments. We ensure that operations of all types run as effortlessly as possible by delivering a consistently excellent service. We help improve our clients' workplaces, by delivering attractive and reliable spaces for both employees and clients - improving overall efficiencies.
Swindon only uses internally approved service providers who provide an acceptably high level of service. We only appoint contractors who we are certain will add value to the service we ensure our clients.
Our facilities and maintenance service includes:
  • Conducting monthly property inspections to assess any maintenance requirements and reporting our findings to the landlord
  • Attending to the coordination and management of all maintenance related issues at the property (subject to the terms of our mandate)
  • Appointing approved and appropriate service providers to attend to any maintenance requirements (subject to the terms of our mandate)
  • Assessing any maintenance requirements reported by tenants and determining the responsibility thereof within the terms of the lease agreement
  • Appointment and supervision of all service providers
Workspace Enablement
Workplace strategy
Swindon helps identify opportunities to reduce and reallocate underutilised space for improved employee engagement and overall experience.
Interior space design
Our aim is to translate your strategy and brand into the built environment, bringing your culture to life and giving shape to your mission.
Move management
We help ease the transition to a new space through careful planning and strategic communications, providing consulting, coordination, and implementation services for all physical changes.
Occupancy strategy
Through consultation with your business units, we deliver informed occupancy plans and pro-actively forecast real estate needs.