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Bigger marketing focus. Better results.
We have specialised brokerage teams throughout South Africa who are ready to assist you with the acquisition, sale or leasing of commercial, retail and industrial property.
Our qualified and highly knowledgeable agents are registered with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), and regularly participate in in-house training to stay up to date with market trends and changes
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Our clients include all major listed and non-listed property funds in South Africa, as well as private local and national landlords. Our client base extends to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the greater African continent. We also represent listed and private national and local tenants.
A single partnership with the right agent increases the peace of mind of the seller or landlord. It is more beneficial to the seller to have buyers competing to offer the best market-related price than it is to have agents competing to close the deal at any cost, often putting the seller's price at risk.
By appointing a single property brokerage with decades of experience, a national footprint and an unsurpassed reputation, you are assured of a hassle-free and professional transaction.
Swindon Property area specialist
Find an Area Specialist
Find an agent to assist in your preferred area.
Swindon Property market your property
Market Your Property
Get expert advice from area specialists across all types of commercial, retail and industrial property.
Partnering with your Agent
At Swindon, the area specialist and seller establish their expectations up front, especially when it comes to the 'how and when' of the feedback process.
The exclusivity of this relationship allows the seller to hold the agent fully accountable for results and also, in the process, gives both parties the time to agree to any changes to the marketing and pricing strategy.
The Benefits of One Agent
For a buyer, it may be off-putting to see the same property advertised in the same online space, but with conflicting images, prices and details. Marketing the same property differently leads to confusion in the marketplace. Buyers should have the confidence that the agent wants to close the deal as much as they do, but has an ethical obligation, as outlined by the Estate Agents Code of Conduct, to represent the correct market-related value with integrity.
  • Reduced risk
  • Preferential treatment
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Bigger marketing focus
  • Financial control
Entrusting Swindon with a Sole Mandate
Deciding to sell or lease your property is a significant decision and no agency understands that better than we do. Swindon believes this experience should receive the absolute commitment and focus of a single commercial real estate agency.
Assigning Swindon with a Sole Mandate provides you with the strongest probability of achieving the most efficient sale or lease of your property at the highest possible market-related price.
Our market-leading expertise, combined with our enthusiastic ethos when it comes to connecting people and property, means that you can have the confidence in our pledge to always provide principled guidance and reliability during the selling or leasing process.
Our Commitment
We draw on years of collective experience, using our customised marketing channels and leveraging our private network of high net worth clients to approach local and global markets in order to attract distinguished purchasers or suitable tenants to your property.
Our sales and marketing programmes are specifically designed for each property in order to maximise their exposure to the correct target market.
  • The services of a professional agent with accurate knowledge of the current commercial real estate market, superior negotiation skills, and proficiency in selling and/or leasing properties in your area
  • An informed pricing strategy for your property, driven by research to optimise market interest and return on your sale or investment
  • Professional in-house marketing via integrated channels targeting a select group of discerning buyers/tenants, both locally and internationally
  • Exposure to as many potential buyers or tenants as possible via our extensive proprietary database consisting local and international contacts.
  • A professional Sale/Lease Agreement focused on protecting your interests
  • Routine communication by a dedicated agent to ensure that you are continuously consulted and informed throughout the selling/letting process.
  • We advise on an effective strategy to sell the property or lease the vacancies, i.e. subdivision, renovation, rental adjustment etc. and where applicable, discuss additional marketing fees. Furthermore, we share the progress of associated selling and letting campaigns.