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Property Management

Improved asset value and enhanced tenant experiences.
More than just property management, Swindon protects and improves asset value by minimising operating costs, improving efficiencies, and enhancing the tenant experience.
We are focused entirely on unlocking the true potential and long-term value of our clients’ assets. Our property management division commits itself to maximising net income through increasing rental income, reducing vacancies, decreasing operating expenses and minimising arrears. This is achieved through proactive, planned property life-cycle maintenance, utilities management and the use of world-class technology.
We manage all types of real estate, from premium office buildings to industrial warehouses and retail centres. By leveraging multi-platform knowledge, industry connections, and through internal research resources, we accurately provide insight into each asset’s market position so that our clients can make informed decisions about their building or portfolio.
With the support from our in-house facilities management, project management, valuations, marketing and one of South Africa’s largest broking teams, Swindon offers a complete and informed solution and a seamlessly efficient service.

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Vacancy Schedule
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Landlord Services
Swindon understands and exceeds the needs of property owners, continually striving to maximise their property investment. Our property management team, comprising of highly skilled professionals, uses tools to manage owners investments seamlessly, whilst maintaining strong relationships with all stakeholders.
Swindon offers time efficient and legally compliant letting of vacant properties to approved applicants. Our value proposition commits to reducing vacancies, increasing net rental income and return on investment, advocating legal compliance, handling tenant installations and facilitating consistent maintenance
We manage
  • Retail property
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial property
  • Mixed-use property
Tenant Services
Swindon commits to ensuring that tenants remain contented. We recognise this as being vital to a successfully managed property. Our property management team simplifies the administration for the tenant and aims to make the property work for its owner, from tenant relations to property upkeep.
For tenants seeking suitable premises, Swindon offers vacancies conforming to all location, budget and configuration prerequisites.
We manage
  • Open and timely communication
  • Quality and effective property maintenance
  • Focused property management
Financial Accounting Reporting and Secretarial Services
Swindon operates a trust account (in terms of Section 32(i) and (ii) of Act 112 of 1976) for the collection and disbursement of all monies related to the properties.
We ensure that tenants receive a monthly tax invoice indicating the rental and all other recoverable charges due. Furthermore, all of the operating expenses for the property are paid on behalf of the owner.
All VAT submissions, VAT reconciliations and other related requirements are attended to on behalf of the owner, where agreed to. The net income received after disbursements, including management fees, are paid to the landlord.
Full financial and administrative records of the property under management are maintained and monthly reports are submitted to the owner, indicating all disbursement and income received for the property.
All signed original lease agreements, and all other documentation relating to tenants in occupation of the property are safely kept and stored. Furthermore, Swindon represents the owner in all dealings with tenants and any account enquiries from tenants are attended to timeously.
As mandated, Swindon attends monthly meetings with the owner or when otherwise requested.
Landlord Reporting
At the start of each month, our clients will receive a full management report for the previous month relating to their properties, which contains the following information:
  • Rent roll - the rental charges, rental payments received, utility charges recovered and outstanding balances.
  • Tenancy schedule - a detailed list of tenancies, rentals, rates per square meter and fixed recoveries.
  • Cash flow statement - the income and expenditure for the calendar month.
  • Arrear report - a breakdown of all outstanding rentals and balances due by all tenants.
  • Tax (VAT) report - a summary of output VAT and input VAT transactions and VAT payable to SARS.
  • Income statement - the financial performance report.
  • Balance sheet - the statement of assets, liabilities and income and expenditure.
  • Budget variance report - indicating budget variances and explanatory notes.
Together with our clients, we prepare an annual budget forecast of income and expenditure.
This allows us to
  • Assess and budget for current and future vacancies
  • Evaluate and budget for immediate and long term maintenance requirements
  • Consider immediate and long term capital expenditure and additional cost implications for letting of vacant space
  • Engage with and appoint, with landlord approval, professionals to attend to technical building surveys to enable accurate budgeting
  • Report to our clients monthly regarding the performance of the property viewed in the format of a budget variance report (actual vs budget)
Lease Agreement and Management
Swindon guarantees that a legally binding agreement is drawn up to safeguard the landlord and tenant by carefully identifying and explaining all applicable expectations and the process of handling rental payments and collections, increases, deposits, maintenance issues and damages claims. We also perform credit checks and trade references on all prospective tenants using TPN Credit Bureau.
Mandated by the owner we attend to the following leasing services:
  • The negotiation of new leases, the amendment of leases and renewals of existing leases
  • Drawing up agreements of lease, amendments or renewals and arranging for signature thereof by the tenant using a landlord approved lease document
  • Terminating and/or negotiating lease terminations
  • Serving notice of termination in terms of lease agreements
  • Invoicing and collecting any deposit due by the tenant in terms of the lease agreement
  • Invoicing and collecting any leasing and administration fees from tenants
As part of our monthly reporting to our clients we include the following reports for information and decision making purposes:
  • Vacancy list
  • Lease expiry list and diary
  • Outstanding/un-signed leases
  • Outstanding tenant deposits and lease administration fees
Property Inspections
Swindon conducts pre and post occupancy inspection of rented properties. Inspections of the property are performed prior to the occupation of a tenant, only after the previous tenant has vacated the property. This enables monitoring of wear and tear of the property during the tenancy and accountability of the tenant once vacated.
As part of our facilities management service we provide the owner with quotations for the repair of any damage caused to the premises.
Swindon conducts pre and post occupancy inspection of rented properties. Inspections of the property are performed prior to the occupation of a tenant, only after the previous tenant has vacated the property. This enables monitoring of wear and tear of the property during the tenancy and accountability of the tenant once vacated.
As part of our facilities management service we provide the owner with quotations for the repair of any damage caused to the premises.
Facilities & Maintenance Management
Swindon only uses internally approved service providers who provide an acceptably high level of service. We only appoint contractors who we are certain will add value to the service we ensure our clients.
This allows us to
  • Conducting monthly property inspections to assess any maintenance requirements and reporting our findings to the landlord
  • Attending to the coordination and management of all maintenance related issues at the property (subject to the terms of our mandate)
  • Appointing approved and appropriate service providers to attend to any maintenance requirements (subject to the terms of our mandate)
  • Assessing any maintenance requirements reported by tenants and determining the responsibility thereof within the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Assisting the landlord with any insurance claims relating to maintenance expenses, where applicable.
Valuations and Advisory
Swindon provides national professional valuation assistance in South Africa - offering comprehensive reporting and consulting services within the residential, commercial, retail, industrial and agricultural industries. Our broad range of services are aligned to national industry standards and supports our clients in maximising profit through accurate, intelligent and empowering data.
  • Municipal valuations
  • Residential valuations
  • Commercial and industrial valuations
  • Agricultural valuations
Accrediation & Recognition
Valuers registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP)
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Valuers registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)